Home sweet home!

Sorry for beeing away for a few days there. Lack of internet and tight travel-schedule is part of the reason.

Just woke up from the most crazy deep sleep ever, 16 hours straight. Jetlat can be a bitch sometimes, and I truly got to excperience that just now.

My trip this time went from Breckenridge – Denver – Mineapolis – Amsterdam – Trondheim. I slept just a little on the flight, and therefore I was awake for allmost 35 hours. Picture taken i Mineapolis while taxing out from the gate.


Oppdal by day. It was insane to watch the flight from Amsterdam to Trondheim, once we entered Norwegian airspace. The weather was perfect, and I could follow the landscape from place to place from the air. Oppdal straight ahead. Wonderful Norway!

Right now there a tons of things I have to do.

31 JAn, Today: Register for Austrian Freeski Open and go take my final exams so that I can go flying soon.

01 Feb: Go Check out the slopes at Storlien, and maybe push some snow. The snowblowers have been working on high-gear for two days, and the park needs to be fixed soon!

03 feb: Go take some tests for a possible school. Then drive to Lillehammer for the weekend. Norwegian Open Slopestyle. (Anyone got a place for me from Friday – Saturday? )

06 feb – 09 feb: Get back home to finish the park at Storlien. Maybe get some skiing done too!

10-13 feb: Budapest with Marius. Check out the city and nightlife – Get a few days off skiing and recharge.

20 feb: Coaching at Storlien with skiers from my homeplace. Then fly to Oslo for a week on the road.

21 feb – 26 feb: Jib Academy-tour in Norway. Ringkollen – Dombås – Geilo.

It’s going to be a busy winter, but I love it!!


My man!

Clearly, this is the big youtube-one-hit-wonder day, but there was just so much fun out there. As I was watching X-Games Ski Big-air, I saw this and got a good laugh. I tweeted that PK had a meet-up with a photographer in one of his runs. This is what I ment: What an idiot.

Practice, practice, practice.

So this was my last day in USA and Colorado. Saturdays are crowded in Breckenridge so we went to ski Keystone.

After watching snowboard bigair in X-games last night, I figured it was no other way out than starting to learn something myself.

Allready on the bus to Keystone I was preparing for a scary day on the main jump-line.  1 straightair through the park and 1 switch 540 later, I was on it. I wanted to do a switch wobble 900 with a safety-grab.

I think I had 10 or more tries in a row, just pumping different variations of the trick, until I put my feet down and lost my ski in the landing. I figured that the 900 was impossible to to with the axis I first started off with. After 10 more tries I put my feet down on the trick I probably have been most afraid of ever – Switch doublecork 1080.  Good last day in Colorado with great friends.


See you in Norway people! Thanks.

A good day!

I was a little tired after yesterday’s icy skiing, but I stayed out for a long day of skiing.

Kim making his special steak-dinner last night.

Perfect weather today. A little icy and hard landings, but all in all a great day for skiing.

Hamre vs Hafsal


Have you read and understood the rules of American park-skiing? Nope, we Scandinavians ski as we do back home.

Sunny and warm Breck! Stokeness.

And let me introduce to you, the flying circus, or Shred’n Breakfast if you will. Kim, Lasse & Lars.


Many hours later….dead skier found at the doorstep. It takes it’s toll skiing 5 hours a day on these high altitudes with insanely many features in one park-lap.