Early wake-up call yesterday. 0415 am to go to the airport.

Since I made up my mind to go to USA on Tuesday I had to take a few chances. One thing was that Kim, Lasse and Lars arrive two days later than me. That is something I have to live with, skiing is good here either way. Picture taken somwhere over Sweden I think. Beautiful at 33 000 ft!

Next Stop – Amsterdam. I had 4 hours to kill here, so I spent a lot of the time sleeping, and watching airplanes. Just before boarding the Boieng 777-200 ER.

On the the leg from Amsterdam to New-York I had trouble sleeping, so I tried to learn Dutch. Funny language. Dank u wel!

Sunny day in New York yesterday, good view of the air-traffic control tower at JFK. If you have seen THIS video the picture of the tower acutally makes sence, and might be a bit funny.

DENVER! No Denver International Airport without Panda Express! God how I’ve missed you!

I better stop calling my colleagues at work for friends, cause THIS what was my bag was like, and my skibag was missing, allmost lost my shuttle up to Frisco.  Good t

hing I met a few snowboardguys from Norway to hold back the shuttle for me.



Ah, room 37 in Frisco. My home away from home. This is going to be my home until the S&B-crew arrives.

Gotta get some breakfast for my jetlaged body.



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