Shred’n Breakfast shoot-out day

Hey you all! 

Today was one of the better days here in Breckenridge. Perfect weather, new snow in the slopes, perfect shaped jumps and rail-features. I ended up beeing the last guy leaving the park, which is rarely me. My feet never hold up for 6 hours straight up skiing, but today, skiing 10 am to 4 pm was not a problem !

We teamed up in two teams with one camera each, and got a few shots for the next Shred’n Breakfast episode. It was me and Øystein ”I-know-every-trick-in-the-fucking-world” Braathen, that hit the park until the bitter end. Stoked to hit the slopes again tomorrow.

And yeah, I finally learned how to do a underflip. SO fun!

Chair up to the slopes. So nice!

Breckenridge park-lane.

Quick lunch, where some of us was more interested in cleaning the camera- rather than eating food.

Beautiful day. This was the last run at 3.30 pm. Park closing-time.

Really looking foreward to skiing tomorrow!

Peace, Steffen.


2 thoughts on “Shred’n Breakfast shoot-out day

  1. When does the new vids come out, u used to post so many vids before, i miss them so much 🙂 i really love to read about your skiing, keep up the good work.

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