The perfect day still excist!

After I got home from the Jib Academy-tour I had one day off to gain some energy to ski again. But when the forecast is like the picture above, skiing is not an option. Hello? As far as I know we are still in February? 

That is why me and Christer Mathisen jumped into the car early today to drive 3 hours into Sweden, and Funesdalen. They have the sickest park, and I even have a season-pass for the resort.

Stormy weather over the mountain-pass.

Wake-up calls at 0600 am doesn’t hurt when you get to go from rain and storm to this weather!

Me and Christer in the park.

Black park. Two good jumps and 3 rails of your choice. Quick laps and good shape. Why am I not here all winter?

Needless to say, the park was good.

We got to shoot some video today. Cork 5.

Christer cork 9 blunt.

Switch cork 5 tail.

To top things off, pizza on the menu.

Sometimes life can go from crap to awesome in three hours. That is what you get when you make quick decisions.

Time to chill out some more and do it all over tomorrow.

TrickTip with Steffen Hamre – Switch Lipslide

Well, I have been thinking of doing a new tricktip for two years, but never got the time. Today I had a little time while beeing at home, and I made this. Hopefully it will help you do this trick, or maybe it will make you do it better if you allready know how to do the trick.

This is MY and only my way of doing it. Many of you have probably other ways to do it, but I think it will help you get on the way with it.


The glamorous life of a skier

If you have any innsight in skiing at all, you’ve allready figured out that this is bullshit. There is no glamour in skiing, only fun and hard work. I got a reminder of that today.

I was “only” going to hit the rail outside my house a couple of times today, when I found the rail totally burried in snow. HEAVY snow.

So my job was to dig up the rail, and move it two meters. What a job. Took forever, or at least that’s what it felt like.

The fun thing about it, was that I got to try something new. I brought three different Contour HD helmetcams, and placed them around the rail to make a 3-angle-edit that you might be able to see in the nearby future.

Going to Sweden and Funesdalen tomorrow for two days, then off to Kongsberg close to Oslo for a bigair comp in the weekend.


It’s been a long week with a lot of fun things that went down. Salomon Jib Academy is over, and we have 9 finalists for video-finals. Our photographer on the tour, Fredrick Kihle shot a bunch of photos of everyone. Here are some of them!

Ringkollen. Getting things set-up.

Ringkollen switch 540 japan.

Ringkollen underflip 540.

Dombås switch 540.

Switch 540 again, Dombås.

Sverre at Contour Norway getting me set up for a couple of fun-runs with helmetcam.

Cork 7 tail Dombås.

Oskar Pedersen and myself. Followcam-action.

Coach Carter. Hot laps with my group of skiers at Dombås.


And the winners are….?

Home sweet home.

Sunday morning from Oslo

Good morning world! Coffee in the cup and the World Championship Skiflying on the TV.  Chilling with my team-manager at his apartement in Oslo, waiting to leave for the Airport to go home. 

I was setting up my youtube-account against my blogpage on Facebook, when I stumbled upon an old video.

It’s as if I have forgot how fun skiing was until I saw this. It must have been about two years ago, when I was skiing Hafjell every day, learning tricks all the time. It is so perfect when you have continuity in your skiing, and keep the snowball running. I think this video pretty much sums up how I feel about skiing. Enjoy an old classic, and one of my favourites.

See you when I get home!

Geilo Jib Academy

When I am writing this I am back in Oslo after a very long day on Salomon Jib Academy at Geilo.

Just about 50 skiers was on for a good session in the wind at Geilo, good thing it calmed during the day.

Early morning in the Geilo park.

Picture is taken in the afternoon. No wind and sunny weather. Me like.

Got a manhug from the Swedish too, Oskar Pedersen. Fun week skiing with this guy.

Got a few laps with the Contour today as well. Looked like the skiers had fun skiing today, really inspiring to see so many up and coming riders all over Norway!

After finishing off two good days in Geilo we headed back to Oslo by car. 4 hours with my team-manager Elling. Fun week in different resorts. Good news is that I got a confirmation-email for Austrian Freeski Open in two weeks. Should be super-awesome!

My flight back to Trondheim is at 14.50 tomorrow in the afternoon. Should be nice with a day off.

peace, S.