Busy weekend – more to come!

Just got home after a hectic weekend in Lillehammer. My competition-skills fell apart on Saturday, as I lost one of my skis in both of the two final runs. I landed my tricks well, but go unlucky and the ski fell off. Well, better luck next time.

I had tons of fun last night with many of my friends from Lillehammer. Started out with a mellow birthday for my friends girlfriend Line, before we headed out to Brenneriet, a good nightclub.

Today I have been driving all day, 6 hours to get home, and I am currently planning my upcoming week.

This is the forecast for Meråker Skiresort, just short of an hour from home. Looks like my Salomon Rocker2 Powder-skis will have a little work to do the next days.

This is the plan for the week: 

Monday, Tuesday: Powderskiing in Meråker

Wednesday – Thursday: Park-skiing in Storlien. Try to learn some big tricks on rails.

Friday – Sunday: Vacation in Budapest with my friend Marius.

Monday: Park-coaching for kids at Storlien in the morning and afternoon. Plane to Oslo in the evening.

More info to come!


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