The glamorous life of a skier

If you have any innsight in skiing at all, you’ve allready figured out that this is bullshit. There is no glamour in skiing, only fun and hard work. I got a reminder of that today.

I was “only” going to hit the rail outside my house a couple of times today, when I found the rail totally burried in snow. HEAVY snow.

So my job was to dig up the rail, and move it two meters. What a job. Took forever, or at least that’s what it felt like.

The fun thing about it, was that I got to try something new. I brought three different Contour HD helmetcams, and placed them around the rail to make a 3-angle-edit that you might be able to see in the nearby future.

Going to Sweden and Funesdalen tomorrow for two days, then off to Kongsberg close to Oslo for a bigair comp in the weekend.


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