Big up to Funäsdalen in Sweden for providing the best park around! I had so much fun the last two days, and I can not even remember last time skiing was this addictive! We got a little rain and bad visibility at lunch yesyerday, but that didn’t stop us from skiing 6 hours straight.

We have been filming a lot too, and I think some of the shots came out great. Maybe it’s time to do a little mid-season edit?

I really didn’t want to leave this perfect place yesterday, but I have a competition in Kongsberg this weekend that  I am attending. I am leaving towards Oslo tomorrow.

Picture above is the route we had to travel in order to get home. Roughly 3 hours by car, but it didn’t really matter when the trip had been as sucsessful as it has.

I still had some energy left this morning, and went out in the pouring rain to hit the backyard-rail for 2 hours. The setup is coming along pretty well now, and it’s actually quite fun!

Who wants more videos?


2 thoughts on “Superpark

  1. Fint vis du ikke nevner flere ganger hvor dette stedet ligger. Har kjørt der så og si hver helg ALENE i vinter og sånn vil jeg gjerne at det forsetter. Vi trenger ikke flere nordmenn som oppdager stedet 😉

    • Det har du forsåvidt rett i. Men med tanke på hvor mange som faktisk kjører park og betaler blodpris for heiskort, fortjener de å vite om en park som leverer det du betaler for. Skal holde det for meg selv heretter. 😉

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