California Loving!

Jib Academy world finals rolls on in Mammoth, California with slushy park, great skiers and   sunny weather. I’m skiing hotlaps all day with Johan Niemi (the Swedish JIb-Ac winner) and Christian Nummedal (the Norwegian Winner). So much fun with no pressure, just skiing what ever you like. Kind of cool to see the different styles of skiing from the different countries ! There is so much to show you that it’s better off just post a bunch of pictures from the last two days here in California. Enjoy!

Norway vs Sweden. Hamre vs Johan.

Top jump!

Slushy park on top.

Loving the California livin’

Better watch out for a edit in a few days. Got a few shots with the Contour + Camera.

Sunset park-shoot with everyone.

Vincent Gagnier in front of the bottom booter after taking a serious crash to the bottom on a bio 10.

Toto Krief, Alexis Godbout, Simon Ericsson, Jameson Irvine and me. 

Christian grabbing into the sunset.

Switch cork 5 trucker performed by yours truly.

Robin Christian Hood with a bow-and-arrow. 

Grabbing something.

Christian with a steezy tailgrab.


Some of the skiers went to the skatepark, while me and Christian quietly sat down and watched them kill it. Skating is not my thing!

Last day skiing is tomorrow, and we love it! Make sure to check back in for more photos tomorrow!


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