Driving home

After yesterdays dissaster of a ski-competition for me, I woke up in good time to shred a few hours with Øystein Braathen this morning. I wasn´t feeling it, and called it off pretty early, but still fun as long as we were out there.

Trysil happens to be 2 hours away from Lillehammer where I currently live, but it is also just 5 hours away from my parents house and my birth-place; Hommelvik. I had enough of Trysil this week, and decided to pay them a visit before shredding park 24/7 for the next couple of months. It´s mostly straight-foreward roads in remote areas, but quite a nice scenery along the way!

Bomba-VW. Not to bad on snowy roads actually. It´s only two-wheel drive.

Getting gnarly cold outside these days, good thing I didn´t have to leave the car!

Tomorrow I think I will drive cross-boarders again, to visits my homes @ the Bomba Headquarters in Sweden! I kind of wanna get the Bomba Bigair to be succesful and actually happening this year, and I shall look at the location where it´s supposed to be. Crossing my fingers for the snow-making-progress to go fast so we can build a jump!