Salomon Jib Academy – Ringkollen

Wow! Ringkollen was awesome. Long day in the end, but it was all worth it with the skiing that we got done, and all the happy faces! 

Elling from Salomon picked me up at 10 am in Oslo, before we drove up to Ringkollen. Not far really, just a 30/40 minute drive.

Together with Øystein Bråten, Halvard Thon, Oskar Pedersen and  Lasse Nyhaugen we coached skiers for a good 4 hours, and it was really a good session. Happy faces all over the place, and the level of skiing was just crazy when you consider how young some of the skiers were.

The weather did not play against us for once, which helped a lot.

My group consisted of 9 skiers. Happy group!

After the long session in the park, we picked out 4 skiers that moves on to a video-final online. Unlike last year we have the whole session as an jam-session, were we just ski in groups and have fun. No pressure, the way it’s supposed to be. When we called it a day at 8.30 in Ringkollen, we headed out on the road towards Dombås. Long drive, but so worth it as it was bluebird and perfect park in Dombås today.

Good session cruising the park at Dombås today with Øystein and Oskar, were we finished off with a nice dinner outside in the skiresort.

Time to get some sleep and get it going with stage 2 in the Salomon Jib Academy tour tomorrow. Stoked to ski with them boys and girls in the afternoon!

Peace, S.


Pretty much the most epic shredit ever

And by epic I mean funny, not sick. LAst week has been a blast, skiing. Together with Halvard Thon, we have captured the reality while skiing the way I think is funny. “If it´s not fun doing something, don´t bother doing it”. Soooo… If jumping in deep powder doing stupid tricks you did 8 years ago is what makes you happy, well then do it!

I proudly present our epic week in moving pictures. Edited by Thomas Flått, yehaa.