Just a perfect day!

Had a good late breakfast with a lot of coffee this morning, I think that did the job!

Today was the day were we would hit the big kicker in daylight, and I mean why not. Look at the perfect weather! Kicker looking good and a bit scary for a guy who haven´t been skiing too much lately.

I figured out the speed and did a couple of airs, 360s and a few switch 540s. The scary part is to figure out the right speed, and hit it switch with the inrun beeing a ice-rink.

I turned out pretty good, and I got a little jumping done.

They closed the jump pretty early, but I stayed out skiing with my man Øystein Braathen to the left in picture. So fun to ski with people that are 110% focused on having fun while skiing! Markus Elvebakken to the right has broken his arm, and therefore had to be degraded to cameraman today. Thank You sir!

Mikkel on NTG Lillehammer, beeing the man he is, did back-to-back 720s on the medium line while me and Øystein were lapping cork 900 tailgrabs for life. So fun! I have been thinking about that trick since the last time I did it, this spring. It´s hard when I imagine it in my head, but while actually doing it, I find it SUPER fun and not to hard! Didn´t get the grab as I wanted to, but atleast I will sleep well tonight!

Videos of the 900 session will be up soon. And no, it´s not Tom Wallisch, only me having fun for the first time in a long time!