Nummedal taking the podium!


Christian Nummedal ended up 2nd in Salomon Jib Academy world finals here in Mammoth, California today. So stoked for you buddy, well earned!!

Top 3 standings: 

1. Aleksi Patja (Finland)

2. Christian Nummedal (Norway)

3. Frederick Iliano (Switzerland)

Going home allready tomorrow, but it’s been a great week in Mammoth! Big ups to the podium-guys and everyone at Salomon for making the Jib Academy happen!!


Mammoth, California baby!


Never thought I get to see Mammoth while I was an active skier. Well, guess I was wrong cause here we are, me and Christian Nummedal for the Salomon Jib Academy world finals!

Flew in from Trondheim last night with a small pitstop in London and L.A before Mammoth Lakes, and Mammoth Mountain. Hot and sunny, perfect springbreak!

When traveling for allmost 1,5 day straight with several flights, these little babies are a life-saver! No noise – pure relaxation!

 My travel-companion for the week Christian Nummedal, who won the norwegian Salomon Jib Academy. I know how stoked I am for this trip, and I can only imagine his expectations.

 Getting some warm sun in Los Angeles. Really needed after this crappy and rainy winter!


The west coast of the United States. L.A it is.

 On our way to Mammoth.

 Deboarded the q400 in Mammoth Lakes. In the middle of nowhere lies this airport that must have been the tinyest of them all. Warm and sunny weather made me think I had ended up in Vegas in stead of somwhere close to a ski-hill. Hmm..

But what do we have here… The all so famous Mammoth Mountain, California.

Just had dinner with all the Salomon-athletes and all the winners from Salomon Jib Academy in other countries. Should be an awesome week on the opposite side of the pond.

Stay tuned for more Cali-action..

Geilo Jib Academy

When I am writing this I am back in Oslo after a very long day on Salomon Jib Academy at Geilo.

Just about 50 skiers was on for a good session in the wind at Geilo, good thing it calmed during the day.

Early morning in the Geilo park.

Picture is taken in the afternoon. No wind and sunny weather. Me like.

Got a manhug from the Swedish too, Oskar Pedersen. Fun week skiing with this guy.

Got a few laps with the Contour today as well. Looked like the skiers had fun skiing today, really inspiring to see so many up and coming riders all over Norway!

After finishing off two good days in Geilo we headed back to Oslo by car. 4 hours with my team-manager Elling. Fun week in different resorts. Good news is that I got a confirmation-email for Austrian Freeski Open in two weeks. Should be super-awesome!

My flight back to Trondheim is at 14.50 tomorrow in the afternoon. Should be nice with a day off.

peace, S.

Dombås – Geilo

7 hours of skiing yesterday, sore feet but fun day for sure! 

Salomon Jib Academy went down at Dombås skiresort, which was really cool. The park is the way it is supposed to be, with fun rail-setup and well-designed jumps. 3 jumps and 3 rail features was what the skiers had to choose from in Jib Ac. The only problem was the light at nightskiing combined with the snow, it didn’t mix well, and they had to ski only the last jump included the rails. Big ups to Emil Larsen, Stian Killi and Martin Kvatningen who proceded to the national finals in Jib Academy 2012.

Even though we were skiing in groups were I was trying to teach the allready well tought skiers some tricks, I got play in the park a little. I brought out the Contour + camera, and did a few laps with skiing. Maybe I will post a quick edit later on.

Today I was the one behind the wheel from Dombås to Geilo with my team-manager Elling. 

Elling somewhere near Vinstra.

Your driver for the day. 5 hour straight,  yours truly.

We arrived Geilo in somewhat different conditions than we have seen the last two days. Blizzard with wind up to 30 km/h. Not a fun weather to be skiing in. Brrrr.

Time to hit the pool and warm up for tomorrows Salomon Jib Academy in Geilo. Let’s hope the wind calms down.

Peace, S.

Shred’n Breakfast shoot-out day

Hey you all! 

Today was one of the better days here in Breckenridge. Perfect weather, new snow in the slopes, perfect shaped jumps and rail-features. I ended up beeing the last guy leaving the park, which is rarely me. My feet never hold up for 6 hours straight up skiing, but today, skiing 10 am to 4 pm was not a problem !

We teamed up in two teams with one camera each, and got a few shots for the next Shred’n Breakfast episode. It was me and Øystein ”I-know-every-trick-in-the-fucking-world” Braathen, that hit the park until the bitter end. Stoked to hit the slopes again tomorrow.

And yeah, I finally learned how to do a underflip. SO fun!

Chair up to the slopes. So nice!

Breckenridge park-lane.

Quick lunch, where some of us was more interested in cleaning the camera- rather than eating food.

Beautiful day. This was the last run at 3.30 pm. Park closing-time.

Really looking foreward to skiing tomorrow!

Peace, Steffen.

Gear-check and more snow

It is retarded how much snow that we have got got the last few few days.  The sickest part is that is far from over. 


I’m allready tired of using this, and it’s motorized, not even muscle power.



The positive aspects of snow is skiing, obviously, and I will do a lot of that in the upcomming weeks.  Last check of the equipment before the 06.10 am KLM-flight to Denver on Sunday morning. 2 weeks of the best park in the world, and Shred’n Breakfast.


Just came back from Storlien from a meeting with the ski-resort and Jacob Wester on the phone. I got a few runs in the slopes too, allthough the conditions was really poor. We need more snow, so that will be my wish for the new year.

Up and at it early today, woke up at 6 and drove the 1,5 hour up to Storlien.

You are up for a big threat. This is the 2013 model of an awesome Salomon-model. Can you see the name of the ski? So fun in the back-country, and I cannot wait until the next big snowfall!


Where do you ski this Christmas?