California Loving!


Jib Academy world finals rolls on in Mammoth, California with slushy park, great skiers and   sunny weather. I’m skiing hotlaps all day with Johan Niemi (the Swedish JIb-Ac winner) and Christian Nummedal (the Norwegian Winner). So much fun with no pressure, just skiing what ever you like. Kind of cool to see the different styles of skiing from the different countries ! There is so much to show you that it’s better off just post a bunch of pictures from the last two days here in California. Enjoy!

Norway vs Sweden. Hamre vs Johan.

Top jump!

Slushy park on top.

Loving the California livin’

Better watch out for a edit in a few days. Got a few shots with the Contour + Camera.

Sunset park-shoot with everyone.

Vincent Gagnier in front of the bottom booter after taking a serious crash to the bottom on a bio 10.

Toto Krief, Alexis Godbout, Simon Ericsson, Jameson Irvine and me. 

Christian grabbing into the sunset.

Switch cork 5 trucker performed by yours truly.

Robin Christian Hood with a bow-and-arrow. 

Grabbing something.

Christian with a steezy tailgrab.


Some of the skiers went to the skatepark, while me and Christian quietly sat down and watched them kill it. Skating is not my thing!

Last day skiing is tomorrow, and we love it! Make sure to check back in for more photos tomorrow!


Mammoth, California baby!


Never thought I get to see Mammoth while I was an active skier. Well, guess I was wrong cause here we are, me and Christian Nummedal for the Salomon Jib Academy world finals!

Flew in from Trondheim last night with a small pitstop in London and L.A before Mammoth Lakes, and Mammoth Mountain. Hot and sunny, perfect springbreak!

When traveling for allmost 1,5 day straight with several flights, these little babies are a life-saver! No noise – pure relaxation!

 My travel-companion for the week Christian Nummedal, who won the norwegian Salomon Jib Academy. I know how stoked I am for this trip, and I can only imagine his expectations.

 Getting some warm sun in Los Angeles. Really needed after this crappy and rainy winter!


The west coast of the United States. L.A it is.

 On our way to Mammoth.

 Deboarded the q400 in Mammoth Lakes. In the middle of nowhere lies this airport that must have been the tinyest of them all. Warm and sunny weather made me think I had ended up in Vegas in stead of somwhere close to a ski-hill. Hmm..

But what do we have here… The all so famous Mammoth Mountain, California.

Just had dinner with all the Salomon-athletes and all the winners from Salomon Jib Academy in other countries. Should be an awesome week on the opposite side of the pond.

Stay tuned for more Cali-action..

Season finale at Storlien


Wow, I had such a great day at Storlien today. I though the season was over after our little springbrake, with a lot of work and school coming up, but I was wrong! Last night me and Marius decided we would give it a last try with the good weatherforecast for today. He had to be back at work just after lunch, so we didn’t have much time. Fortunately, Storlien brings short laps and minimal liftlines to the table, and we spent the time well. We shot a little mellow video for you guys, hope you like it, cause we had tons of fun!

Zhe alps in pictures

I slept forever last night when I got back home from a long day of traveling from Austria. Needless to say, the week was awesome! Since we didn’t have internet where we stayed, I did not blog at all over there, and it’s too much to recap in just one post. Therefore I’m going to let the picture do most of the talking today!

The course.

First feature in the course.

After my little injury I had to stay in bed the day after the practice, and took a whole lot of painkillers on the day of the qualifiers. Skiing hurted like hell, and my run was not good. I was afraid to fall again. This is the results in my qualifying-heat.

Despite the fact that they don’t take creditcards most of the places and that there rarely is any internet/tv, I like the alps! Beautiful!

Final-day. Early grind.

I don’t think was any happy with watching the finals in stead of skiing, and sort of I was not either. But to be up in the slopes in these conditions is never wrong! Best day every!

This years afterparty was in a big castle in Kaprun, totally insane what they have to the place. 3 fancy nightclubs in one, all decorated like it was the middle-age.

Good to be back home again for sure, and I will try to rest up my body as much as possible. Picture is taken somewhere close to landing in Oslo.


The first sign of the Alps in general, is the lack of internet, and that is why I am doing this quck-recap post from the last few days. 

Flew out of Værnes (Trondheim) on Tuesday morning, and met up with Espen Bergh, Gaute Silseth and Kim Boberg at Gardermoen. Via Copenhagen to Munich, before a long shuttle-ride where we were joined by James Woods and Lars-Håkon Hafsal to Kaprun, Austria.

Me, together with half-of Norway and Sweden, are here for the Austrian Freeski Open 2012.


Copenhagen with these two monkeys! Espen and Kim.

As usual at any Starbucks my name is misspelled on my relatively girlish Frappuchino. Stefan? Stephen?


Something to do while waiting for boarding. Kim killed it with this toy. I don’t have the patience to do anything like this.

Late arrival in Kaprun, Austria. Small family hotel without internet. Classic!

First day of practice in Kitzsteinhorn park. I was a little nervous for the skiing since I fell pretty hard at Snowstock last weekend and hurt my hip. I knew that If I fell on my hip once again, it would been as painfull as breaking a bone.

Beautiful first day. In the chair with Espen, Oscar and Dølp.

Zhe alps is beautiful!

First feature in the course. Oakley-tap. I have actually made a quick video with course-preview that I will post as soon as I get a stable connection down here.

The practice went pretty good, even though I had a lot of pain in my hip. But the last 15 minutes of practice I was unlucky and slipped off a big tank-rail and landed straight on my injured hip. I thought I was going to pass out due to the pain. Let’s just say I struggled to get down the mountain to get home. The swell has decreased since yesterday, but I’m still having trouble with walking. Wether or not I will compete tomorrow I don’t know yet, but I know that it will be with a lot of painkillers in my body.

Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!