Amazing days in Storlien


Just got back online after a few hectic days to say the least. Long days and late nights with awesome people and good times. Finished 4th in Jacob Wester’s trickbag challenge after a bit windy and snowy day. Railjam with 7 tricks to the table, where of all tricks had to be different! Vincent Gagnier from Canada took the win with insane skiing, followed by Maximillian Smith and Simon Ericsson, both from Sweden. You can see all the action from the finals in this little video by
Tomorrow is the night of Jon Olsson Invitational, and it should be legendary. See you there!

Canada, Norway, USA..


…that was the top standings overall in todays qualifiers.1. Vincent Gagnier  2. Steffen Hamre and  3.  Robby Franco. I can’t believe how the hell I managed to pull my shit together and move on to the finals, so happy right now!

I fell in my first out of two runs, and I thought everything was over. I did not do my trick on the last jump even once in the practice, so that freaked me out even more. But I went for it and put my run down with a score of 80 points, placing me on second behind Vinnie Gagnier.

Rev-tail in run number two.  Really difficult to ski in these conditions actually. Wind-gusts, snow and poor visibility made speed-calculations and tricks hard to do.

Someone going pretty big on the first jump.

Finals tomorrow, and it’s going to be a long day. I had to drive back home for the day to attend a meeting at job tomorrow morning. Then I have to race up to Storlien again, to do the finals. 7 jumps – all different count. 7 railhits – all different – all counts. Should be interesting to see who can do 14 different tricks and win. See you tmrw.



So, day one of Jacob Wester’s TrickBagChallenge went down today with practice. 20-25 riders sessioned the slopestyle-course and railpark all day in mixed-weather conditions. I haven’t been skiing properly since my injury in Austria nearly 3 weeks ago, and I was more than stoked to be back 100%.


First feature; Downbar og Flatdown Railbox.

Second feature. Rainbowbox or up-box.

The jumps had to be slightly adjusted throughout the day, but I think they are pretty sick. Floaty jumps with plenty hangtime.

Jump nr 2. Moneybooter. A little sketchy with the wind this morning, so they re-groomed the landing and closed it for the day.   Most skiers spent the afternoon in the railyard, which is REALLY fun! Can’t wait for tomorrows qualifiers with everyone on the startlist. No walkovers or pre-quals!

Robbie beeing the man he is. Me and Robbie did hotlaps through the course all day, and we probably had like 35-40 laps. Insane but fun!

Clown 1 and Clown 2. Sig Tveit and Espen Bergh.

Dinner at 8 PM tonight, where we prob will get a little more information about the competition-format and so on. Stoked for tomorrow!

Make sure to check back in later tonight for a little course-preview video.