Lovely to get a little time off skiing and get recharged for the busy period to come. 0630 flight from Trondheim this morning, and I got to sit in the cockpit for the first time with a friend that works in the airline we flew with. Super-excited to finally beeing able to do so. I am really into airplanes for those of you who didn’t know that, and I didn’t get less excited after the flight-leg this morning. Wonderful clear weather on the way to Oslo.

Somwhere over Malmø, Sweden on our way to Budapest.

As far as my knowledge goes, Budapest is well known for its architecture and buildings. Seems about right, as most of the buildings were pretty damn insane.

At the airport in Budapest we were warned by signs that sketchy pirate-taxi companies were trying to trick you into riding their cabs for higher prices than normal. Of all the legit taxi-companies that were outside the airport, me and Marius managed to choose the most sketchy of them all. Classic rookie mistake.

A little sceptical, perhaps?

Another thing that I got to experience the first 5 minutes in this country, was the price-levels. At this fancy restaurant me and Marius had lunch WAY over our style and class, but managed to pay less than a sandwich would cost at home, for both of us.  Crazy country!


Time 4 spa and relaxation.

As I never go anywhere without music, I made sure to bring some real sound this time. BOOM!

Time to have some dinner.