Season finale at Storlien


Wow, I had such a great day at Storlien today. I though the season was over after our little springbrake, with a lot of work and school coming up, but I was wrong! Last night me and Marius decided we would give it a last try with the good weatherforecast for today. He had to be back at work just after lunch, so we didn’t have much time. Fortunately, Storlien brings short laps and minimal liftlines to the table, and we spent the time well. We shot a little mellow video for you guys, hope you like it, cause we had tons of fun!

Giving you the right perspective

Seeing reality the way it is supposed to!

Sometimes TV and internet don’t give you the right picture of what’s “really” going down at that particular time. With ski and snowboard beeing seen on TV, most of the jumps look rather small and booring, while in real life they are huge and scary. Snowstock in Kongsberg last weekend was all about that last thing, but it didn’t really show in pictures and videos. Well, this one will give you the right perspective!

Video: Torjus Leiknes

TrickTip with Steffen Hamre – Switch Lipslide

Well, I have been thinking of doing a new tricktip for two years, but never got the time. Today I had a little time while beeing at home, and I made this. Hopefully it will help you do this trick, or maybe it will make you do it better if you allready know how to do the trick.

This is MY and only my way of doing it. Many of you have probably other ways to do it, but I think it will help you get on the way with it.